February 12th 6:00PM

Sunday school - beer

Location: Rennick Meat Market

the Beer Essentials Pt. 1

Fantastic Four
So many varieties of beer out there, and they are all made from basically four main ingredients. We will introduce you to those fantastic four, and go over the trials and tribulations that they go through in order to morph into that wonderful libation we all love.

Drinking in Style
We know what an IPA is, but what differentiates it from a Pale Ale or an APA?
Understanding beer styles can be confusing. This class tries to simplify styles by offering a look at traditional style descriptions and then exploring styles categorized by flavor profile. We will also go over history, charecteristics, and flavor attributes of styles by region.


February 19th 6:00PM

Sunday school - wine

Location: Rennick Meat Market

How good is your palate?

Teach Your Tastebuds

Join us for a tour of the major components which make up wine: Oak, tannin, sweetness, and acidity.

  • Side by side tastings
  • Low sugar vs. High sugar level
  • Oak aging vs. Stainless steel
  • High tannin vs. Low tannin
  • Crisp wine vs. Low acid wine

The Nose Knows!

Everyone always talks about different aromas in wine.

What does that mean?
Do you not pick up the grapefruit or leather in your wine?
Does wine smell like wine to you?

We'll be sticking our noses in several "aroma" filled wine glasses so you'll be able to pick out vanilla, citrus, smokey oak, honey, cocoa and many more.

Complementary My Dear Watson

Does all wine go with food?

Do some wines taste better while eating? Do some foods taste better while drinking?

Only one way to find out! We'll be sampling bits and pieces throughout, comparing and contrasting.

February 26th 6:00PM

Sunday school - beer

Location: Rennick Meat Market

the beer essentials pt. 2


March 5th 6:00PM

sunday school - wine

Location: Rennick Meat Market

what is "New world"? what is "old world"?

We will take a look at wines produced around the world as seen through "style".

A brief look at the role "marketing" plays in the making of wine as opposed to the vineyard.

A tasting of wines showing the differences with food.

March 19th 6:00PM

sunday school - wine

Location: Rennick Meat Market

Ohio wines. Where do they stand in the world market?

The classes will expose participants to the "new thought" of some of our local winemakers.

Compare wines of various appellations within our area.

Discussion of "Vineyard" driven wines and "Market" driven wines as seen in our region.

April 2nd 6:00PM

sunday school - wine

Location: Rennick Meat Market

wines of france

This session will begin our tour of wines from various wine regions of the world.

Discussion of the term "appellation"

This class will focus on various appellations of France. Learn what effect soil has on grape growing and thus on wine. Learn what effect climate/weather has on wine production.